Monday, May 28, 2012

Personally: Lazy Day and Pin It, Do It

"Lazy" seems to pop up in my post titles pretty regularly lately! I can't say I'm opposed. When I have an opportunity to kick out around the house, I take it. With nearly 12 hours on the run every day of the week, including a 2-hour commute (an hour each way), I love to spend time at home being domestic, playing outside with G, or kicked back in the recliner with a book.

I haven't had a legitimate day off since I started my new job (no rest between old gig and new gig), so this weekend was the perfect time to take some time to recharge.

Friday was a regular busy day, but Saturday was relaxing. I spent some time out shopping with my mom; I picked up a couple of summer tops suitable for the weekend or layering for work. We had a quick lunch at Cotton Patch Cafe (steak fingers and salad....AWESOME), and spent the afternoon letting Greyson run through a sprinkler.

Yesterday was a lazy morning reading, and Greyson spent some time watching his favorite show: Super Why! It's about reading. I don't complain too much about that either. Silly me decided to go for a grocery run in the mid-afternoon by the time the Texas temps reached 95. Not the best move I've ever made. Dropped G off to spend the night with the fam around 5pm and then mama hit up the shoe store! Got some cute bronze strappy sandals. My fave pair blew out last year, and it's unacceptable not to have a go-to pair in the summertime. Now I just need a pedicure. Bad. Really bad.

I've also been feeling pretty domestic this weekend. I finally decided to tackle a couple of the tasks on my Pin It and Do It board for Trish's challenge.

First up, Roasted Fajita-Spiced Chickpeas. I looooooove chickpeas. I don't really know why because they generally taste like air. But, I love the texture, the size of them, the fact that they don't mush together as easily as some other canned peas and beans. I love 'em on salads, I love to just eat 'em. And I love crunch, so this roasted version sounded really promising.

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I made a half-batch of these because I only had one can of chickpeas in the house, and I'm glad I did. I liked the flavor a lot, but I cooked them on the low end of the recommended cooking time (40 minutes or so). I was distracted when the oven timer went off, so my mom took them out of the oven. The ones around the edges got crispy and crunchy but the ones toward the middle of the pan were tough-skinned but still soft in the middle. The tough skin/soft middle made for a less appealing texture, so I would've loved to cook them for another 10-15 minutes to get them all crunchy. I will definitely do these again as they'd be a great salad topper or a quick snack for my work lunch box.

Today I'm tackling another Pin It recipe: Vegetable Stock in the Slow Cooker! I prefer to use veggie stock in soups, stuffings and dressings, and when I'm cooking rice or couscous. I nearly refuse to buy boxed or canned stocks these days because of all the preservatives and sodium. Plus, they're expensive! And there is seriously NOTHING EASIER to make at home. I used A Year of Slow Cooking's recommended veggies in my stock: celery pieces, carrots, onion, garlic, and I threw in some orange bell pepper tops I had leftover. My stock is crockin' for the next 10 hours. I'll portion it out tomorrow night and pop those puppies in the freezer. My project for next weekend is chicken stock.

On the reading front, I'm still loving Drums of Autumn. I'm about 700 pages through it, so I'll finish up this week.

What are you doing this weekend (if you're off today and it's still your weekend)? How's your week starting out if you're back on the job today? Whatcha reading?

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