Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Sunday Salon - On Impending Freedom

FREEDOM! That's right. I have been held in the shackles of online grading all weekend, and now I'm FREE! Yesterday was a big day all around. My mom, Greyson, and I started the day with FoxFest 2012 -- a festival here in our small town. Chuck and the Rockets joined us later in the morning for vendor booths, turtle races, good friends, and lots of food. Fried catfish for me and Fire Department BBQ for the rest. It was nothing short of delicious, but it was also super hot. I was glad to flee back to the house and the AC.

Even though I was ready to drop after half a day in the heat, mom was kind enough to keep Greyson occupied while I graded a class worth of research papers. Step 1 toward freedom.

We had a plan all along for me to spend today grading and GET IT DONE before the due date on Tuesday. I got to Starbucks this morning around 9 and I'm finished up now, taking a few minutes to blog. Just six hours worth of research papers, final exams, and gradebook tomfoolery. But I'm DONE, DONE, DONE. Did I mention I'm done? I need a couple of those cocktails now.

While I love teaching online classes, and while I'll miss the money over the summer, it's always a liberating feeling to have a break. Just one job (sorta, teaching one online class) over the summer months. What does this actually mean? MORE READING! I love caps today...sorry!

In reading news, I've just about polished off Dragonfly in Amber this week. I think it's safe to say I never have an excuse to bitch about not reading. I finished a 700-page book last week, an 800-page book this week. No more excuses. 250-400 page books should be a cake walk.

No idea what I'll read next. While I have a feeling I'm gonna want to jump straight into Voyager, I may force myself to chill a minute with another book. I have tons of goodies on my shelves. Like these...

On that note, I'm out of here and off to curl up with the rest of Dragonfly. 150 gut-wrenching pages left.

Tell me...what would you recommend I read next? 

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