Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Victorian Celebration and an E-Book Happy Dance

I'm so thankful to Allie over at A Literary Odyssey for hosting A Victorian Celebration over the course of June and July. I've been in a mode of reading contemporary fiction lately, and the push to read Victorian lit brought me to The Secret Garden.

Even though I had issues with the ending of that one, it was a great reading experience and I was reminded of what I love most about Victorian lit: the atmosphere!

While I don't think I'll get around to more Victorian novels before July is over, my appetite is officially whetted. Here are some of the books I'm keen to tackle throughout the rest of the year (and probably spilling over into next year).

North and South
A Tale of Two Cities
The Woman in White
Heather and I have decided we'll tackle Gaskell for our next classic buddy read. Neither of us have ever read Gaskell and a number of you on Twitter assure us that North and South is the place to start!

I read A Tale of Two Cities when I was 17, and it's high time for a re-read. As much as I loved it back then, I'm almost certain I'll appreciate it even more now.

The Woman in White has been sitting, unloved and unfinished, on my Nook for ages. Well, I do sort of love it already even though I never got around to finishing it. This is high priority, people!

Finally, Heather introduced me to ages ago. But I'm kind of a bonehead sometimes and I hadn't explored its full glory until recently. Now that I understand and appreciate it, I've downloaded QUITE a few e-books. Not all Victorian by any stretch, but awesome and written by some kickass women. Behold...

Daddy Long Legs by Jean WebsterThe Enchanted Castle by E. NesbitGirl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-PorterMemoirs of Court of Marie Antoinette by Madame CampanRoast Beef, Medium by Edna Ferber
And the best part is that many of these beauties are free! And they come in a variety of formats to suit your e-reader. I'm really excited and can't wait to download more! Note: I also got my copy of North and South from the site. Woohah!

Have you read any Victorian lit lately? How about great books by women writers?

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