Sunday, July 15, 2012

Personally: Hot Times in the Kitchen

Small town Farmer's Market
I've been quite the domestic little monkey this weekend. Yesterday, Greyson woke up around 6:30am, so we fiddled around the house for a bit, got dressed and set out for the Farmer's Market. There are only two official Saturdays left for my Farmer's Market, so I wanted to get a peek before everyone disperses. We picked up two of the biggest zucchini I've ever seen, two yellow squash (also huge), and two small pies: razzleberry (raspberry/blueberry) for me and chocolate turtle for my mom. 

Passionate about an egg and cheese biscuit.
Half of a Razzleberry pie!
We proceeded to have a quick breakfast and then struck out to McKinney to meet up with Chuck. After that exchange, I did a quick sweep through Ross for some home items I needed (cutting boards, chef's knife), braved the ever-dreaded Wal-Mart (hell) to stock up on groceries, and then I came home. 

And cleaned, and cooked and cooked and cooked.

To be more specific, Skinny Greek Yogurt Chicken for the week, Southern Living's Artichoke and Pecan Chicken Salad, and Cheese and Veggie Quinoa Bites. I've made the first two before and looooove them. The Quinoa Bites are an acquired taste. Definitely improved by dipping in a bit of Ranch dressing. Just sayin'. Now I'm making zucchini bread in another attempt to sneak veggies past my toddler.

I've found that since I rarely get home before Greyson eats dinner during the work week, which means my mom has to hunt for something to feed him. It's to my advantage to cook up a bunch of stuff for the week when I have a chance on Saturday and Sunday. I also insist on taking lunch almost every day, so of course I benefit, too. There's nothing worse than realizing, at 6:30 on a Thursday morning, that I have no decent lunch food. I always end up taking a bag of microwave popcorn, scowling at it, and going across the street to eat at an overpriced deli. No thanks!

Did you do any kitchen magic this weekend? Have any adventures?

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