Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Blogging Blargggs!

Ugh, y'all. Serious ugh. I know I've been whining pretty regularly 'round here, but I don't see any signs of that stopping until after September 8th (after our big work conference). I am blessed to have a job, but I will be SO GLAD when the madness slows down a bit.

I've spent my morning working at Starbucks while Greyson lounges with Chuck. I've just wrapped up posting new work for the coming week, so it's almost time for me to head back to the apartment, hang with the older kids for a bit, and we'll head home to finish up laundry, sniff what's crockin' (Parmesan Chicken), and drape ourselves over the couch. He'll probably watch Shrek and I'll read...something.

Sadly, North and South came to a screeching halt for me when work cranked up the intensity. While I had no intention of bailing on my own challenge, that seems to be what's happened. I will finish it, but it'll be after the 8th. In the meantime, Heather or I will still be posting the check-ins (they wrap up this week) and announcing PRIZE WINNERS!!! Can't forget those.

In the meantime, I think I'm better suited to the IT-Along.

Oh, and you smell another read-along? You're right. Heather announced our The Little Stranger Readalong which is an RIP event this year. Thanks to Carl for allowing us to get in on the RIP action.

Finally, we're soliciting more Estella Society content for September, so head over to this post to get some ideas!

And...I'm done. I've been sitting at this uncomfortable Starbuckian table for far too long. See y'all the next time I get a quiet moment!

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