Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Whoever Said Unemployment Was Boring...

...hasn't been to my house!

I think I have a gift for staying busy, and unemployment seems to be no different than any other time. While I may have lost a full time job, my existing obligations seem to have expanded to fill the space quite nicely! Welcome to my life if it were a bulleted list (order means nothing here)...


  • Teaching five online classes is ALWAYS a handful. 
  • Starting a social media consulting business to generate contract work.
  • Applying for jobs at lightning speed. 
  • Filling out unemployment paperwork.
  • Deferring loans.
  • Filling out insurance paperwork. 
  • Deferring loans. Oops, did I say that twice? 
Bloggy/Online Stuff:
  • Greyson is still two and a half. Cutest thing ever. 
  • New relationship fun. (Friend me on Facebook to learn more!)
  • House cleaning. It never stops, yo.
  • Creating food porn on a daily basis, thanks to Instagram.
Reading and revisiting...

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