Friday, November 02, 2012


Happy after-Halloween, everyone! We had a fantastic time. Greyson covered my mom's street before he was ready to head back to the porch and supervise the passing out of the candy. He's quite the polite little man, except when the crowds slowed down. Then he stood on the porch and yelled over the hedges, "Hey! Come get candy!" 

At least he's ok with sharing!

One of the best parts of my reading year is always the Readings Imbibing Peril (RIP) event. This is year seven, and what a year it was! I embarked upon Peril the First, to read four books in the qualifying genres. I actually only managed to finish three books (and a short story), but I'm still very satisfied with this year's reading. 


  • Patrick Ness's heartbreaking, beautifully illustrated, A Monster Calls.
  • Vera Brosgol's fun, twisty graphic novel, Anya's Ghost.
  • Carlo's Ruiz Zafon's short story, "Rose of Fire." 
  • Kendare Blake's YA gorefest, Anna Dressed in Blood.
It's hard to pick a favorite book out of this year's RIP reading. I'd say A Monster Calls and Anna Dressed in Blood probably tie for two very different reasons. A Monster Calls was an emotional, tearful read that touched me deeply. Anna Dressed in Blood is an over-the-top ghost story with some interesting YA twists -- super fun and deserving of its own review, so watch for that next week. 

It's also surprising to see all YA titles on my list this year. I've been out of the YA loop for such a very long time. After Twilight things got extremely formulaic for a bit, but these books managed to break the mold and keep me highly entertained -- and a lot more open to future YA choices. 

As always, thanks SO MUCH to Carl for hosting this great event! I can't wait until the next one!

What was your favorite book from RIP VII

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