Friday, November 30, 2012

Virtual Advent - Decorating the Tree

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I'm so excited to be participating in this year's Virtual Advent Tour. The challenge for me every year is deciding exactly what to post. This time around I wracked my brain a bit until it finally just dawned on me!

It's been several years since I've put up a proper Christmas tree. My mom typically puts up small trees -- one dedicated to her beloved schnauzer and another that she made for my grandmother when I was a child. These small trees have a place in our hearts, so the big tree, and all the work associated with it, fell to the wayside for a while.

This is the first year that I'm living in my own house at Christmas (since my son was born), and my mom was kind enough to loan the large tree to me. I whipped it out earlier this week, and as soon as I started placing the ornaments, I knew I'd found my Virtual Advent post. :)

Before ornaments. 
Growing up, the putting up of the tree always got me into the Christmas spirit. We usually started decorating the day after Thanksgiving, and it was a magical time for me. This year I could relate to my mom more. With a small kiddo in the house, the work and heavy lifting were on me. But he had a blast once the tree was set up.

This is the first year Greyson has really "gotten" that there are Christmas activities in which he can participate. I asked him to help me decorate the tree, and he took it upon himself to be the carrier of the Christmas ornaments, shuttling them to me from the boxes as I hung and secured them. I can't even tell you how many times he said, "More!!!" and handed me an armload of ornaments. So stinkin' cute.

The Christmas tree has always been a collection in my house. There's no grand "theme" or overwhelming type of ornament. We're not terribly color-coordinated. We have Christmas balls of all colors, special commemorative ornaments from when I was growing up, and small wooden Christmas trinkets that fill in the spaces between. It's always seemed a homey, cozy type of tree to me.

I think Greyson must feel the same. He was quick to plop down on a quilt and watch TV by the tree's glow.

And without further ado, this is my favorite ornament on our tree. We've had this little girl angel playing a flute for as long as I can remember. There are tons of angels on our tree, as my mom often chose those when she was having ornaments customized with my name when I was a little girl.

One of the things I'm looking most forward to is making sure Greyson has special Christmas items that reflect his age as he grows up. It's one of the best parts of remembering and reminiscing while decorating -- feeling like I (and now he) was always first at Christmas.

How do you decorate for the holidays? Is it a highlight or a chore? What are your favorite decorations?

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