Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

One more Christmas down and let the recovery begin!!! This year has been such a whirlwind. It's kind of nice to sit in bed with my laptop the day after Christmas and reflect.

The most exciting, unusual, and surprising part of Christmas this year was the snow. In Texas. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you've probably seen me ranting about 70+ degree weather this fall and winter. But as we always say in this area, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it'll change." Well played, Texas weather. Well played. 

I spent the afternoon of Christmas day at Chuck's house with his girlfriend Michelle, the Rockets, Michelle's kiddos, and her parents. And Greyson-cutie, of course.  I loaded up the gifts and the broccoli/cheese casserole, and shortly after I arrived the snow started pouring down. I stayed from about 1:00-4:30 when I was afraid road conditions would be going downhill, and by the time I got back to my house--45 minutes away-- the traffic was crawling along at 20 mph on very slick, icy roads. Crazy! I tucked my car into the garage for a change, did laundry, and cleaned. And I even read a little. 

It was nice that the kids got to spend some time outdoors having snowball fights and whatnot. But I tell you, Texans don't get to practice their icy driving skills very often, and I prefer to stay out of that mess. I'm planning to pick Greyson up a little later today, but right now temps are still in the 20s, so I'm holding out for something over freezing. :) 

Greyson had a fantastic Christmas. He enjoyed being cute and showing off. He was enthralled with a pair of gloves he received. He was running around in a Spongebob pajama shirt when I got to the house, and he spent some quality time sitting in my lap watching The Lorax. He has a few more gifts and his stocking to open here at my house, but he certainly made a haul at his dad's. :) The Rockets were in equally good form with some really cool gifts and lots of yummy stuff to munch on. 

Christmas has been a little odd and spread out for me this year. We had our family gathering with my cousins on December 16th. Then David and I spent the weekend in Waco on the 21st and 22nd, and then we had the gathering at Chuck's yesterday. I've had a wonderful time on each of these excursions, but it's been different, for sure! But good different with plenty of time to enjoy good company on each outing. 

Some Christmases are bookish ones, but this Christmas was decided owly! The family has caught on to the fact that I adore owls, and the owl-related gifts are pouring in. 
  • A green owl figurine from "Greyson"
  • A porcelain owl figurine from Mom
  • Owl kitchen towels from Mom
  • Owl coffee mug (Mom)
  • An owl insulated cup and insulated coffee cup (Mom)
  • There's also an owl cell phone cover that didn't make it into the picture, owl recipe cards, and an owl oven mitt. All Mom! Go Mom! 
  • Oh! And Mom's boyfriend Rick gave me a bathroom trash can with an owl on it. Love!
Mom also gifted me a very nice bakeware set (the red and yellow pieces are pictured here and there's a larger green one). David gave me a 10-piece Corningware set that I absolutely needed and love. My cousins-- Kevin and Carol Ann, and their bunch--gave me a large set of assorted teas and a nice heavy mug for my office with a pen and ink on the front. Last but not least, Chuck and Michelle also gifted me some Bath and Body Works soaps and a Starbucks gift card. Antibacterial and coffee -- seriously, every mom needs as many of these things as possible. 

Santa is here!

Relaxing, watching The Lorax in my lap.

And what's Christmas without some books? This year, I bought my own books, but that's the way of things. If I don't receive books, I gift some to myself. :D 


I picked up an e-book copy of The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. If you haven't read it already, it's on sale for $3.99. Get 'em while they're hot!

I also snagged Howl's Moving Castle for $1.99 in e-book format. I've never read Wynne Jones, so this will be fun! 

With that, I'm off to shower and assess the driving situation outside. The house is very quiet when Greyson is not home, and I miss the little booger something terrible. 

In the meantime, tell me about your Christmas! Any books? Family fun? Harrowing travels? I hope it's all good stuff. :) 

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