Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book-splosion!!! All Over My House.

My books have been in storage. And now they're all in my house. And they're on display. And I AM OVERWHELMED!!!!

It's a good kind of overwhelmed but I'm still overwhelmed. It was sort of put into perspective for me when I separated out the books I've read and want to keep from the books I haven't read.

These are the books I've read and want to keep...


Two shelves of a three-shelf bookcase. Not too bad! These are books I would re-read or that I have taught, will teach, or that have sentimental meaning (signed, family heirlooms, etc.). 

Now we get to the sad part. ALL the unread books...

One entire (large) bookcase in my bedroom. The entryway tables inside my front door. The top of my entertainment center in the living room. Don't look at all the mess hovering around these beauties.

You know what this means, don't you? I HAVE TO READ WHAT I OWN!!!!

And that is not a bad fate. I've spent years collecting books I want to read. The premise(s) of which genuinely intrigue me.I've culled them over and over. I weed, I prune, I polish. These books, the ones that remain and are taking over my house, are all STELLAR-looking.

Now I must read them. And that is what I shall do. The buying embargo starts today!

Who's on this readerly diet in 2013? I'm sure I'm in good company.


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