Thursday, January 31, 2013

On the Homefront: The January Cure

There's a lot of that OMG going around here lately. Some of you may wonder what I'm up to when I'm not reading. And others of you don't give a poop, so don't stick around to read this post if you're one of those people. Just giving you fair warning that this is TOTALLY un-book-related.

These are the things that make me tick in life:

1. My child. He rocks. Age almost-three is gold.
2. My work. It does too. PRing and teaching!
3. Reading. Duh.
4. Food. Real food and cooking and stuff.
5. Home decor, cleaning, and general nest-making domesticity.

So, you need to know this shiz because I regularly post about books and whether or not I'm reading. I've recently begun to share my weight loss journey and my foray into real food choices. And NOW--drum roll--we're getting to the homey/domestic stuff. And we're getting into this, because lately it's been THE THING urging me away from books most often.

Many moons ago. Like in December, Vasilly mentioned Apartment Therapy's January Cure. This is an ongoing project throughout the month of January where one readies one's home for awesomeness through cleaning, organization, goal-setting, project-doing, and prettifying. There's a task for every day of the month, with the exception of weekends which are chore or project-related and tend to cover specific sections of the house.

Now, I am a rogue participant, so I haven't actually been doing the items in order, but I have been doing them when time and Other Things allow. Here's how the list has shaped up thus far. Strikes = DONE.

1. Make a list of projects in each room
2. Set up the Outbox
3. Weekend Chores: Buy Flowers,  Vacuum/Mop everything, Stock Green Cleaners, Use Outbox 
4. Sit in unusual places, observe problematic room parts, take apart and rebuild mentally
5. Select one project from the list
6. Choose a piece of art to frame
7. Choose a date/time for a get-together, send out e-invites
8. Weekend Chores: Clean kitchen and de-clutter/organize as you go; find a recipe and make an enjoyable meal; buy flowers
9. Create and use a “landing strip” – buy floor mat for doorway, coat hooks/hangers, landing strip (kitchen table)
10. Work on Goal Project
11. Media Fast
12. De-clutter books and media
13. Weekend Chores: flowers and bedroom including a purge of drawers (!!!) 
14. Get Files in Order (refer to e-mail to know what to keep)…get a file box! Set up a schedule for dealing with mail/bills.
15. Clean up cords!
16. Clear up and clean out bathrooms/medicine cabinets 
17. Living room lighting
18. Weekend: Flowers, clean up living room, clear out the Outbox!
19. Catch up and take an “after” photo! Pic of goal project.
20. Hang artwork.
21. Speedy spruce and surface clean.
22. Shop for get-together goodies.

The success for me (so far) was actually in creating a list of desired improvements or projects on that very first day. This has given me a really good road map to keep in mind as I'm getting my house in order.

A few things to know about my house...

  • It's oooooold. It loves sucking in dust through its nooks and crannies. 
  • Rooms: living room with an open/connected office, two bedrooms, two bath. Kitchen, too! 
  • I moved into my pad in June 2012. In about 7 months it's amazing how much we've "spread out" into the space. I was more or less a nomad for 10 years before this, so I acquired almost every stitch of furniture and decor in the last 7 months. Everything I had when I moved in was crammed into my mom's house.  I've decorated and furnished with LOTS of second-hand items, thriftiness  and getting/making stuff on the cheap. 
So I guess we should establish some BEFORE shots...

My living room and kitchen around Christmas. I SWEAR it's not always this bad. 

My living room and kitchen on a more normal occasion. You can see where clutter happens. 

Greyson's bedroom was SO sad and empty. He slept in a crib in the office. 

So we've now established my bad habits. When I moved into this house, I knew I'd have to live in it for a bit before I understood what needed improving/organizing/changing. And, BOY HOWDY do I know now! I don't have tons of storage anywhere, so cluttery mess happens around the corners of the living room and in spaces we don't regularly use. And the dining table! OH the dining table! And some of you may remember that my poor child was sleeping in a crib in my office because his rigged-up second-hand crib would not fit through the door of his room. 

Now, I'm just really teasing you at this point, because I have every intention of getting some serious mileage out of a series of posts about my January (and February) Cure. So I'm just going to show you one set of "afters" today. 

This seems to be the big project I picked when I started. I didn't really even mean to, except that it was time for my kid to get into a big boy bed, and I thought he deserved a cool room that he can enjoy. 

I'm really excited that my child's room no longer echoes!!! And it doesn't look like an asylum!!! Here's what happened...
  • Bought a bedroom set from Chuck--Greyson's daddio--including a nightstand, TV stand (currently used as storage in the closet), dresser, headboard. This also included a queen-sized mattress and box springs, and a bedframe. 
  • Oh, and I also got a really nice, free entertainment center from a friend (can't see it in these shots) for extra storage and a TV Greyson DOES NOT USE YET. 
  • Did the bed switcheroo and gave Greyson the full-size mattress and box springs that were in my bedroom. Took the BIG OLE QUEEN for me. He also inherited my linens which match his room.
  • Went on a shopping spree at Target! Got the green quilt, window toppers, lamp, decorative dinosaur pillow, and the artwork hanger behind the bed all for $120. 
Still to do:
  • Need to hang the headboard since it won't fit a full-size and don't want it falling!
  • Need a bedskirt (and maybe a bedframe...don't really care) to hid the ugly box springs. 
  • PAINT! This room will either be a camel color OR a light shade of blue. 
  • Hang some artwork I've collected for him that needs a frame.
  • Re-stick his super-awesome chalkboard bus decal somewhere on his walls. 
This weekend I have a lot of cleaning/organizing planned. As with most moms, I betcha, we put off our own spaces 'til the end. I'm tackling the master bedroom with reckless abandon! 

Have you set to your spring cleaning yet? Have any homey projects in mind? Let's tawk about it. 

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