Monday, February 11, 2013

Reading Slumps and Life Changes

I am not reading.

Not really. Like 15 minutes here and there really isn't READING. So here's the sitch...

  • Work ate my brain. It's busy, but not ridiculous. But I still find myself preoccupied.
  • Potty training ate my brain. Greyson is back to full-on potty training including leaving puddles all over the house. He's also decided he wants to sit somewhere *on* me at night now instead of allowing me time to read. I enjoy the snuggles, though, so no real complaints. 
  • My 30s ate my brain. I am just like my mom was in her 30s. My days "off" are consumed with cleaning, organizing, errands, house fixer-uppery, which y'all already know. So, yeah. That continues. 
  • Health ate my brain. I fell off my good eating wagon for a week or two. This is due in large part to a lack of weekend planning on my part. If I don't plan/cook on the weekends, our weekday food is crap. 
I need one very noticeable thing. A book to jump-start my mojo. 

These are in the running.

I'm also coming up on my 8-year blogiversary. All that means is that I've been blogging a long dang time and it's inevitable that we go through changes. I foresee this blog becoming much more varied in its content: more weight loss, more real food, more gardening, more mom stuff, more decor, more books! Books aren't going anywhere. But the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of things I care about besides books. I potty train a lot more than I read. I grade papers far more than I read. I write press releases more than I read. I tend to my house and my son far more than I read.

It's only fair that I take some pressure off of myself and blog about what keeps me excited about blogging. 

In short, anything I want. 

So I guess this is just a quick heads up that if you're only interested in books, the content you'll find interesting here will most likely be more spread out. Until I started reading faster, that is! I hope most of you will stay for the ride. I've always been interested in staying connected with my online pals here, but I'm also concerned with staying true to myself and letting the blog be a continual reflection of my life and interests. 

So here we go...

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