Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LOVE Young House Love!

Sherry and John Petersik are like my besties. We spend tons of time together and we have meaningful talks and we compare experiences a lot. 

Ok, fine. I've never met them, but I LOVE THEM!

These two are the bloggers at Young House Love, a decorating, DIY, and home renovation blog that is ALL the awesome! I stumbled upon their site a year or so ago, and I think I've read every post since then. They're funny, silly, laid back, and really sound like people I know! 

I have wanted to get my hands on their book, Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update and Show Your Home Some Love, for ages. I think I'm so attracted to their DIY and craftin' style because it is much bolder than my own. It's sort of what I aspire to do in my own house. And because I live in a rental, it's especially nice that this duo has more of the "craft" and less of the "rip out a wall!" in their book. There are a lot of really great ideas for ways to update a bookshelf, or paint a piece of furniture, or re-cover a lamp shade. 

They paint curtains. 

I didn't know you could do that! But I would totally do it with a little cheap set of white curtains from Ikea! Maybe with some bold yellow stripes??! 

SEE??!!! I love this book. I love the site. I love their ideas. I love their style. In short, I find this pair INSPIRING!!! And reading their blog, and now reading their book, helps me stay on the road to showing my own home -- rental or not -- some love. I want to love the place I live, and thanks to this book, it'll be getting some rejuvenated bits soon. 

Here are a couple of my fave rooms from their current house. 

Guest bedroom. I love the colors -- it's dramatic but it still feels light, airy, with plenty of vibrant color and whimsy. 

This is their daughter, Clara's, room. I just WISH G's room was this stinkin' cool. Although, I did a little double-take when I saw that they have the same green alligator. I am a huge fan of layered textures so this is heaven for me. 

I will be buying a copy. 

Pub. Date: November 2012
Publisher: Artisan
Format: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1579654788Source: Library!

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