Thursday, April 18, 2013

Praying for West

My heart is heavy today, like so many others in communities around Texas.

While I do not have friends or family members who currently live in West, it's a well-known place to so many Texans who travel back and forth between Central and North Texas.

When I went to Baylor I passed through West regularly, and it's known for its amazing Czech food (kolaches!), welcoming community and its yearly Westfest.

David still lives in Central Texas and passes through West far more than I do these days. His friends and co-workers have family there, his company does business there, but thankfully everyone linked to him and his friends is accounted for.

But this explosion in West will have far-reaching effects on so many people in so many communities across Texas. Already I see my friends and loved ones asking for opportunities to help -- to send money, to donate blood, to go down and help clean up and repair and rebuild.

It is horrible what happened there, and I cannot imagine losing so much -- loved ones, friends, family, homes -- in a split second. But I do know that the people of West, the people of Central Texas, and so many of us so much further away will do all we can to help this community press on and endure after such a horrible event.

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