Friday, June 21, 2013

BookTube Recommendations

Since I've become thoroughly obsessed with video blogging, I thought I'd do a proper post about it!!! So, here's the skinny. There's a HUMONGOUS bunch of video book bloggers over at YouTube, affectionately referred to as BookTube. These video bloggers run the gamut from YA readers to classics, contemporary fiction, and everything in between. Today I'm sharing a video that explains my excitement about BookTubing and the BookTube community.

After a few requests, I'm also sharing some of my fave BookTubers. There's really something for everyone, but these are the channels I've been stalking.

Ricquetta at Nerd In Translation - She's currently hosting a 30 Day Reading Challenge. Are you ready for this? Read ONE BOOK PER DAY for 30 days! A few bloggers have changed this up to be a set number of pages per day for 30 days. I was tempted, but I know the ebb and flow of work and mothering would not allow it.

Mercedes from Mercy's Bookish Musings -- I adore her recommendations and her reviews. She's very thoughtful in her reviews, and her book picks are intriguing!

Lesley from Words of a Reader also reads and reviews a delightful breadth of books, and her reviews are very thorough.

Sanne from Books and Quills reads a range of books, and her videos are brisk and charming.

Didi of FrenchieDee is a teacher of English in France! I love her attitude and her great facial expressions. She's a lot of fun.

And let's not forget our own blogger friend, Brooke, from Blog of the Litwits!

OH! and I can't forget Chelsea from Chels and a Book. I'd never "met" her before BookTubing, but I'm so glad to have found her. We've been running in the same bloggy circles all this time!

Do you have any interest in BookTubing? Have you ever thought of video blogging? 

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