Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Classics #CoverLust

That's right, cover lust. It's a thing. I'm sure you've noticed this malady taking over my blog lately. I cannot seem to turn down a beautiful cover. And I have to say, this totally started because of BookTube. Firstly, many of my fave BookTubers are from the UK and they have the swankiest Penguin English Library editions of stuff. Thanks to The Book Depository, you can own  them, too! And my heavens, I've started the ordering.

In light of my recently joining The Classics Club, I thought I'd upgrade some of my old classics to nicer editions. Truthfully, I always feel like classics are worth keeping, so why not? Many of the ones I have in my collection were purchased when I was younger and poor(er), so they are yellowed and in generally bad shape. I like to cherish my classics a bit more than that, so voila! These are the newest additions to my Book Depository shopping cart.

Are you a sucker for pretty editions of books? What are some of your faves? 

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