Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Monday, and I'm a Reading Nutball!

That's right, nutball. I'm pretty sure that's a fitting descriptor for me tearing through the books. And buying. Oh, the buying.

Rebecca is still going swimmingly, though I'm still trying not to read it so dang fast. In the meantime, I picked up The Song of Achilles, and while I've tried dipping into this one a couple of times before, it REALLY GRABBED ME this time, and I raced through it this weekend.

As for the buying, there was a sale at my local Hastings store (books, movies, music). All of their new paperbacks were on sale for 2 for $20. These books are usually $16 individually, so I made quite a savings! I felt slightly less guilty since there were savings involved.

Click to embiggen. These Penguin Deluxe Classics are totes worth it. I've read and loved Pride and Prejudice and The Scarlet Letter. Over the years, I've outgrown my mass market P&P and I have lost my physical copy of The Scarlet Letter. Wuthering Heights, on the other hand, was a book I appreciated more than I enjoyed, but I was also fascinated by it and captivated (puzzled?) by the perception that this book is a "romance" or a torrid "love story." It's screwed up, that's what it is. But I still want to re-read it and learn more from it. 

I also picked up the Penguin Threads edition of Little Women, a book I have never successfully finished. I am bound and determined now. 

What are you reading (and buying)? 

If you want to see ALL of the books I've bought in August (so far), check out the video below. And here's a bulleted list for those of you who are not so into the vlogs.
  • Summer at Tiffany: A Memoir by Marjorie Hart
  • The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan
  • The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman
  • Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch
  • The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle
Plus the ones I mentioned above. Woot!

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