Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reading My Own Dang Shelves

Ahhh, the infinite struggle of every blogger I know. To read the books on our own shelves rather than falling prey to the pretty strumpety books that come in as ARCs or that we get a wild hair to buy and gulp down.

As I'm writing this post, I've read 53 books in 2013, and 13 (actually, 11 plus 2 DNFs) of those books were titles that had been on my shelves for more than one year. You see, I consider those shelf-sitters 1+ year old to be established residents of the TBR. If they've made it to my bedroom bookshelves they might as well be fixtures. This is where the big TBR lives. The one I don't pull from NEARLY enough.

I'm looking guiltily at you, TBR.
The other 42 books I've read this year have come from downloads, gifts, the library, ARCs, etc. I went through a streak earlier in the year when I was reading more new release and ARCs than I usually do, but that seems to be trailing off again. Free ranging reading! Tally-ho!

The books I have read from my shelves this year have been amazing. Lots of 4- and 5-star reads. I'm not really surprised at this since the books that live on my TBR are books I was genuinely excited to read at some point. And the ones that are really old have survived a lot of culling over the years, so I REALLY need to give them a fair shot to win me over.

While I'll be including several TBR hangers-on in my upcoming Fall TBR post, here are some of the others I'm excited to jump into in the coming year. I'm going to put more of an emphasis on enjoying the books I already own than ever before.


Which books on your TBR have sat for far too long and really deserve a shot at love? 

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