Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Unsung Purchases (More Book Buying Silliness)

Aww, hell. So I admitted to my 14-books-for-21-dollars haul, but I haven't actually divulged the e-book buying I've done (semi)recently. So here we go...

Yep. I'm weak. But I think these books say something about my mood. I'm jonesing for non-fiction and shortish stories!

Empty Mansions, by Bill Dedman, et al because Shannon reviewed it. 

The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan because lots of people in my Feedly mentioned. None of whom I can find now, of course. 

The Midwife's Here by Linda Fairley because I have that interest in midwifery. 

Nightmarriage by Chad Thomas because a friend recommended it and it's a quirky memoir about marriage and kids. 

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting, despite the fact that I want nothing to do with Tampa and downloaded this one when it was cheap and I was clueless!

The e-reader is such an easy sell. I'm never going to wipe out my TBR. Or even get it down to reasonable. OH WELL!

What have you downloaded recently? 

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