Thursday, October 03, 2013

October Plans! More Plans?

Yes, I'm still planning. Whether or not I actually make the plans a reality this month will be a crapshoot.

First and foremost on my list of plans: DRACULA!!! Whahahaha! (That was my best Count on Sesame Street laugh). Since I will have finished The Historian yesterday (I hope), I have to knock off Dracula this month. Finally. After all the years of not reading it all. Brooke and I are tackling this one as well as some other BookTubers.

I also need to read and review Havisham, by Ronald Frame, since the folk at Picador were so nice to send me one when I offered them a kidney. And I'm genuinely excited about it. I'm surprised I've been able to hold off this long.

Finally, Kindred, by Octavia Butler is another buddy read this month. Didi and I will be reading it, along with Grace. I started it back during the summer but didn't have enough uuumphf to finish it then. Looking forward to it!

Other than that, I'm more or less keeping my options open.

Flavia will be tempting me. I know she will. 

What's on tap for you in October? 

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