Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top Ten CREEPY Covers!

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Some of the covers I've picked for this week's "Top Ten Creepy Covers" are not your traditional creepy. In some cases they're only creepy because I KNOW WHAT THEY REFER TO!!!!

There's something creepy about marble statues at times--their empty eyes, and might-be-moving out of the corner of my eye. That's why this cover of Affinity ranks. 

In the case of Beasts, by Joyce Carol Oates, this classical painting sets the mood perfectly with its lurid, hulking statue, watching the young girl. Ugh. 

Stephen King's IT is one of the more traditionally creepy covers on the list. And when I downloaded the e-book, YES I GOT THIS VERY COVER! Eeww. 

I may never read Your House is On Fire, Your Children Are Gone because that little girl is deranged. And there are dead animals hanging behind her. 

I realize Truman Capote was most likely high when they shot this cover of Other Voices, Other Rooms, but his dead-eyed stare is still enough to make to stash this one away. 

Confessions of a Sociopath is creepy inside and out. Because there's nothing creepier than an empty person to go with that empty mask. 

The Little Stranger, also by Sarah Waters, is one of those books that I find creepy-covered because I know the contents of the book. There ain't no way you'd get me in that house, and I'm looking for a menacing face from the upstairs nursery. 

Alissa Nutting's covers are represented twice on the list. Tampa subtly eeks me out BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN BY THAT!

The Replacement just...knives, baby carriage. I don't need to explain this. 

And finally, Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, also by Alissa Nutting, because fish? Weird androgynous person with Medusa hair? I don't quite know what to think. 

Which covers give you the creepies?

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