Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tutorial: Uniformly Sized Images on Blogger Sidebar

Back in 2004 and 2005 when I was a brand newish blogger, Blogger had massive problems and bugginess. Frequent outages, lost content and comments. It was just crap. These days things are much better, but as of late, I have discovered that Blogger has had some...glitches.

I first noticed this when Google Chrome updated itself recently. A bevy of problems happened on a bevy of sites. But in regards to Blogger, this seemed to affect new images added to my right-hand sidebar. I always snag my cover photos from Goodreads and because they are uniformly sized there, they used to be uniformly sized when I "shrink to fit" here. However, suddenly and annoyingly, the sizes were no longer uniform when I added new images. Some big, some little. For me, this is a major peeve. 

Luckily, there seems to be a workaround if you go through some of the steps in a specific order.

Click images below to embiggen!

1) First, head on into your Blogger dashboard and choose your blog's layout panel. 

2) Then you can choose to "Add a Gadget" and pick "Image" from the numerous choices. 

3) Now, this is where the order of things really comes into play. On the "Configure Image" pop up, type in YOUR TITLE FIRST. Then click the "SHRINK TO FIT" box. After these two items are taken care of, click CHOOSE FILE to find your image. Once it's pulled in, click SAVE. 

4) And finally, you should have uniformly sized images on your sidebar. The trick really seems to be in inputting the title, clicking "shrink to fit" and then choosing and saving the image. Blogger used to allow users to "shrink to fit" after the image was already chosen, but those days are gone now!

This is a really simple tutorial, but I figured if it was bugging me, it's probably bugging someone else, too! 

Happy blogging!

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