Wednesday, December 04, 2013

December TBR

I have three books left from my seasonal TBR for fall. Can I do it?

Truthfully, I probably cannot finish them all before December 21 (the official end of fall). I'm reading Little Women right now, and it's like slogging knee-deep in quicksand. IT'S SO SWEET. And that's not necessarily a good thing. Methinks it may be ditched.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is just big.

The 19th Wife is probably what I should be focusing my snowball's chance in hell on.

Possession is Trish's pick for our next book club meeting, and I already have a bad attitude about this one. I tried reading it years ago. Mind you, I've read and loved a lot of books lately that I tried years ago, failed miserably, and have squeeeed over this time around. Maybe there's hope for Possession, too. But it has SO MANY ITALICS. Italics make me long for the moment the italicized section is over. And there are a lot of italics. A LOT. 

The Woman in White is the book I'm probably most excited about. Because it's #WilkieWinter time AND it's my Classics Club Spin book. So why in hell am I still reading Little Women? Gah!

Snow Country is this month's International Reads pick, and it's short. And the writing is simple. This one is a home run (I think). 

So...yeah. That's my December TBR. There's no way! But it's fun to try. ;)

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