Friday, December 20, 2013

THIS is Why the Interwebs are SO FREAKING COOL!

Last night, right after work, I headed over to drop Greyson off with his dad for a couple of nights. As I was driving home, I was inwardly complaining about all the stupid construction and Christmas-related traffic, so I decided to veer off the beaten path and take some backroads home. 

As I was sitting at a stop sign, Facebook blooped a private message at me. 

"I had no idea I was getting near you. I'm on my way to Dallas and stopped for gas. And I thought, hmmm, Caddo Mills sounds familiar. I'm about an hour ahead of schedule. It's 6:45. If you get this message in the next 10 min or so, call me!" 

The message was from an awesome woman named Hollie Rose who I met (online only) via Yahoo book discussion groups way back in 2001! Because before this blogging thing took off, we bibliophiles congregated in groups like Book-a-Week and OnThePorchSwing to name just a few. We communed with our fellow bookworms, posted reviews, and generally did all the things we do on blogs, but in discussion groups. 

Even in the years post-groups, I've kept up with tons of my bookish friends through blogs and Facebook. Hollie Rose is one person I've followed on Facebook, and I saw her post some pics with another book group friend I still keep up with a few weeks ago. 

Needless to say, I called her right back, we worked out a place to meet, and we did! We spent about 20 minutes chatting and catching up in person for the first time ever! We gave some hugs and took some selfies. 

This was seriously one of the COOLEST experiences ever. The timing worked out perfectly, and I was so glad Hollie Rose remembered the name of my hometown. She's on an epic road trip, and I can't wait to find out where else she stops along the journey. 

Have you had the good fortune to meet any of your fellow Internet buddies and bibliophiles? 

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