Wednesday, January 22, 2014

15 Topics for Your Blogging Blues

Feel a blogging slump coming on? Not sure how to get yourself back in the groove? Here are 15 ideas that might help stir some ideas for writing.

  • Your literacy story; how did you become a reader? 
  • Your favorite book as a child, adolescent, young adult
  • Scan your shelves for an especially beautiful cover and spotlight the illustrator
  • Throwback Review! Bring back a review from a previous year of blogging
  • A tour of your bookshelves! In pictures!
  • Dress up your dog like a favorite literary character (Wordless Wednesday?)
  • Re-review a book after some time has passed; how does your memory hold up with time?
  • Discuss your rating system. Do you use one? Why or why not?
  • How do you pick your books? Reviews? Recommendations? 
  • Rave about a favorite literary podcast
  • Discuss how your love of a specific author has grown over time
  • Share your favorite picture book
  • Wallow in our collective nerdiness! How do you catalog your books? Goodreads? BookLikes? Librarything?
  • Share your favorite book news site! Why is it your fave?
  • Spread a little love by shouting out some of your favorite bloggers

What are some of your favorite fall-back topics? 

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