Monday, January 27, 2014

The Woman in White, Epoch 1! #WilkieWinter

Welcome to the first week of discussion of The Woman in White! You can head over to the Estella Society for the official questions and link-up and stuff. I'll just be posting my own thoughts here.

This is my second attempt at The Woman in White, no fault of the book's or Wilkie's. While the first section is relatively slow in that good ole Victorian way we're probably familiar with, I still enjoyed the rich writing and the characterization.

What did I not like so much? ROTATING NARRATORS! If you've been around this blog for a bit, you'll know this is a huge peeve of mine in any literature...contemporary, classic, whatev. Given, the way Wilkie has constructed this novel, it works, I admit, but I was pretty darn resistant to leaving Hartright and setting out with Gilmore. I was much more amenable to leaving Gilmore and joining Marian.

So how's about those characters? I could kick Mr. Fairlie in the teeth. Same goes for Sir Percival Glyde. I do feel sorry for Laura but I wish she'd grow a set. But then Marian wouldn't SHINE nearly as much as she does. I just love her. And I admit, I cackled out loud when, upon meeting Marian, Hartright admits that she's downright ugly. It was just so...blunt! But it's still a bummer that the one woman with a keen intellect and raging sense of self has to be an ogre. How Victorian stereotype can we get, y'all? But there I go again laying my contemporary expectations on a novel written in the 1800s. Phooey.

Anyway, I'm off and running on Epoch 2, and I can't wait for some more stuff to happen. I have a feeling now that Wilkie has laid the groundwork of this marital conundrum, things are really going to take off in this next section.


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