Thursday, March 20, 2014

Personally: The Wedding Hangover

You're probably sick and tired of hearing about it, but I GOT MARRIED. Holy crap. I can't even believe it's over already. The past week, from the moment we picked up Heather and her husband from the airport, right on through the end of the honeymoon on Tuesday, was jam-packed with love and warm hearts.

When we came into the house today, my mom had cleaned for us...did dishes, laundry, straightened, made beds, and dinner was in the crock pot. The house no longer looks like a hurricane hit it, which is a huge relief. 

We've cataloged and sorted the gifts. New towels are in the wash, we're printing photos for the new frames, and there's a small return pile of duplicates to be exchanged. We have big plans to trade in our gift cards on a Kitchenaid stand mixer and a utility shelving system for our kitchen in the coming days.

David is chilling out on the couch with a seed catalog, and I'm sitting here wondering what the hell to do with myself. After all the rushing, and visiting, and site-seeing, the vows, the party, and a short honeymoon trip to the hill country, it's quiet. Greyson comes back to my house from Chuck's tomorrow, and that's when the routine kicks back in. But now, I'm just left with myself and the memory of the greatest week of my life. 

Meeting Heather filled my heart before the wedding, the ceremony and reception made me feel more loved than anything ever, and our honeymoon excursion was a wonderful chance to unwind and be silly. 

Now I'm excited to make a new pile of books to shoot for reading in the next quarter of the year. I'm tickled to work on our home some more. I'm excited to settle into a new life.

I'll share portraits when we get more from the photographer, and I'll share more details from the wedding in the coming weeks (those turquoise doors you see in the background of the pics were REALLY COOL), but for now, here are just a few shots a friend captured for us (that I haven't posted on Facebook or Instagram yet). 

Thank you to the lovely ladies who guest-posted here while I was gone. Thank you all for your support, your loving comments, and for being here through this huge life event. I'm excited for the next chapter. :)  

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