Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#AMonthofFaves: A Year in Books Timeline!

Today is all about a reading timeline. You can mark the big events however you'd like, but I'm going to be taking a look back month-by-month to see what was shaking. Link up at today!

Click to embiggen!

And in case you don't feel like messing with the image...

January - 7 books - Off to a good start in the new year!
February - 6 - Still going!
March - 4 - Wedding month started to slowww.
April - 6 - Rally!
May - 9 - Watch out! Summer reading usually rocks!
June - 3 - Wait, what?
July - 11 - Yes! Hitting my stride!
August - 11- Still striding with lots of comics and novels mixed up in August!
September - 5 - Teaching classes now. Getting a little harder to keep up.
October - 9 - Thank God for comics or I wouldn't be reading at all.
November - 12 - Same thing. The most comics read all year in November!
December - How will the year end? This month is off to a slow start.

How does your year look so far? 


  1. I think in all you had a great year, with ups and downs like all of us, but good in general. I love the graphic timeline, I should've done mine like that, but oh well.

  2. See, I knew there was a way to create a real timeline! I read that post on Read Write Think ages ago. So now I'm going to add one to my blog, so yeah. Thanks for that.

  3. Ha, I love your timeline (Read, Write ,Think is the bessstt)! I think it's pretty normal to have ups and downs like that, especially in a year with a wedding and a ton of new experiences. Shake it off, girl.

  4. A perfectly cromulent timeline.

    1. Nice choice of words:

  5. I think overall you had a good year. We all have our ups and downs, because life is completely unexpected. You can safely call it a successful year.

  6. You had a ton going on this year...and congratulations on getting married! Ups and downs in reading are to be expected I think! I couldn't get my timeline together by today, so I'll put it up tomorrow. Better late than never :)

  7. Wow that is great! I wish I had more than I did this month. Congrats on the wedding and your new marriage.

  8. this is neat, I like the way you did it. Mine is super bland but did not have tim to be creative. it's here: Girlxoxo does not have today linky thing up yet

  9. Ooo, I like how yours is actually like a graphical timeline. Mine's just your average text based ramble. ;-) My month is definitely off to a slow reading start, too. Hopefully, it'll rally at the end!

  10. I totally stole your timline idea, I hope that's okay. Apparently my slowest months are in the summer.

  11. My verbal timeline got a little extensive, since I read so much for the year. :) I look forward to what others posted on their timeline, such a fun post!!

  12. With such a busy year it's a wonder you've read at all. December is always slow for me.

  13. It's been a busy year for you! I think we all have those occasional 3 book months. Sometimes it's a win just to read anything!

  14. I love the way you formatted this post, too cool!

  15. Such a fun timeline. We all read at our own pace...embrace your unique passions!!

  16. I like your timeline! Much more original than mine.
    In general, I read rather the same number of books from one month to another but this year has been full of ups and downs like yours and I not always have explanations. I supposed it's called life.

  17. Lol, these made me laugh. Good old NCTE - was that a blank graph on read write Pretty cool.

  18. Who cares if it's comics you're reading - you're reading! Plus you're reading some stuff you're really enjoying so it's all good.


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