Thursday, October 01, 2015

Estella Sparkles: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks

Recently I received an Influenster box from, the luxury brand, YSL with two of their Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks. First, I would have never bought these products for myself as they are $36 each, and lippies are generally not my favorite beauty products, but I was tickled to receive them for testing purposes and in consideration of a review.


  • Beautiful, saturated color. The box contained #9 Rose Stiletto (my fave) and #19 Fuschia.
  • Creamy buttery.
  • Flawless application. Swipe and done. 
  • Lightweight. I hate the heavy stickiness of most lippies, but this is feather light. 
  • Hydrating. Felt so good. 
  • Price tag! Hello!
  • These are also fragranced. People more knowledgeable of the brand than I, say they have a distinctly YSL fragrance, but it was a little perfumey when I initially put these on. Thankfully it dissipated quickly.
Packaging: Gorgeous, gold packaging, and these are weighted so they feel significant in your hand. 

Shade range: Immense! Something like 42 shades at

Price and Would I Purchase?: As I've mentioned twice already, expensive! I doubt I ever would've bought these on my own, and I don't know that I'll buy them going forward, but it is a lovely formula and a lovely product at that price point. 


  1. That's awesome you received these two lippys to review! YSL is such a classic brand, too. I love the Rose Stiletto color, too! I've always been tempted to try a Tom Ford lippy - I hear they are amazing! I love these beauty posts you write - they are so great for tips and advice! Keep doing them :)

  2. I think I referred to Rose Stiletto as a "pinky brown" on IG, but it's so clearly a brick red that I feel embarrassed about it. Either way, it's an awesome color!

  3. LOVE these both, but especially that Rose Stiletto color! I'm with you on that price though. I only have one higher-end lip, a Nars in the shade Lana which I love, but still, ooof.

  4. See, that's where we're different. If I'm going to buy makeup (and often, if I'm having a rough period, I will), I will buy lipstick every time. I love a bold lip. My friends even ask me to help them pick out pinks and reds because I wear them so readily, especially in fall and winter. A red lip instantly makes me feel more put together.

    These are GORGEOUS on you!

  5. Both of these shades really suit you. I usually stick to a more subtle colour like the one the left, myself though. I don't know that I would enjoy a perfumed scented lipstick but I was glad to hear that the scent doesn't last too long.

  6. I like the shade on the left on you, Andi. The one on the right would be more a special date sort of thing - a bold lip is great too! I hate scented lip products since they often taste scented too! The price makes me balk though ...!

  7. Those are beautiful colors and they look great on you. I am totally a lipstick junkie. I have a lot of favorite brands but anything with a perfumey smell on my lips is just not going be my fave. And, at that price point I can't justify buying something I won't love. Glad you were able to try these out for free!

  8. Usually, I don't balk at price of makeup, but I do tend to avoid high-end lipsticks. There are some pretty great low to medium-end ones at a fraction of the cost. That Rose Stiletto rocks though!

  9. The French are well known for having highly scented lipsticks, something Clinique claims in their favor as unscented. But, you're so right: YSL lipids are very buttery, and their pigment quite saturated. Love both colors on you, even the fuschia which takes some getting used to by the wearer.

    My favorite line from one of my third graders when my lipstick had worn off after lunch: "Mrs. S.! You look...lackluster." Love the vocabulary and the accuracy of his observation.


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