Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Recognize Your Inner Badass with #GIRLBOSS

Just as I thought...#GIRLBOSS made me want to quit my job and do something way cooler and more liberating than I currently do. However, the problem with that is insurance.

Sophia Amoruso had trouble with school when she was young, not to mention holding down a job. She once got a job JUST FOR THE INSURANCE when she had a hernia. She lost lots of employment until she started a vintage shop on eBay that eventually grew into the brand and fashion retailer, Nasty Gal.

In short, she stumbled upon something she loved and she devoted herself to it and it grew into a CEO position, a Porsche, and a gazillion dollars.

Don't we all wish we could stumble into something on the fast track to success? This book was energizing and inspiring because Amoruso is a great storytelling. She's blunt and fierce.

Downside: the repetitive #GIRLBOSS mantra seemed a little cheesy at times.

What did I take away from this book. Quite a bit, but these things in particular.

Money looks better in your bank account than it does on your feet. Or in your makeup drawer. Or on your bookshelves. Or on your kitchen cabinets. (I'm looking at you, fox cookie jar.) I have to remind myself of this...can you tell?

Shoot for happiness. It seems like a no-brainer, but this is so hard. I have had a job that never felt like work. Every day was fulfilling and even the rough patches were just a blip on the radar. I want to get back to that, but I'm lost for what that will look like.

Success is in the details. I have this on my side. I'm damn near ridiculous with my anal retentiveness. May it serve me well.

While I know I can't quit my job and pursue my passions to the extent that the young clothing magnate did, this book certainly put a little more drive in me to do more of what I love. In short, make time for writing. Write the things. Submit them to places. Hell, make the most of my spots at Book Riot and Panels because Lord knows it's easy to let those things slip when work and life start encroaching on my energy and free time.

In short, don't deny your inner badass. Do the things that fuel you. Kick ass and be happy.


  1. Yup. Yup. It's so easy to put your needs and desires dead last in the order of work, family, etc.

    Hooray for a book inspiring us to go pursue our passions!

  2. Adding this to my TBR, thanks for the review!

  3. I love how inspiring this book sounds! I've wanted to read it, but was never too sure about it. I'm glad you posted about it. Great review!!

  4. YES. It's all about the fuel that keeps us going through the rest of the crap that we can't ignore.

  5. Ah, I don't know if I agree with the idea that money looks better in your bank account. I understand the sentiment, but if you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labors, what is the point? You should be able to have fun in life and that means spending the money you make, after you save a set amount for retirement age. As for the rest, it seems so simple, doesn't it? Why is it then that so many of us struggle?

  6. This sounds like it was more inspiring than practical, which is unfortunate, because I'm just starting a job search and could go for some practical advice :)


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