Monday, November 23, 2015

Gift Guide: Fun Things for Book Lovers

I don't often do gift guides, but this year it seems like I'm seeing an influx of cute, fun, quirky things that I know I would love, and my guess is that many of you will love them, too. Have a swap coming up? Have a wishlist to share with your family? Here ya go...

The folks behind Sushi and Queso Designs are friends of mine, and they are so, so talented. Their shop sells paper goods, art prints, printables, and lots of other really adorable, quirky items.

One of my favorites is this print combining books and travel.

In My Book card/bookmark combos will always be a favorite. Given the recent coloring craze, these might also be a nice gift for the colorer in your life. These cute cards have a bookmark panel that detaches. Double duty!

There are a slew of coloring books based on books coming out here lately. I did a whole post about it over at Book Riot, but given my recent re-reading of Harry Potter, I think you probably know which of these coloring books I'd snatch up first. It's gorgeous! If Outlander, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or Sherlock are more your jam, those are available, too. 

Finally, if you're feeling crafty, why not do what my husband did? If you know your friend or loved one will adore a specific book cover, you can remove the cover and frame it. 

My husband gave me this framed Penguin Threads edition of The Wizard of Oz for our first anniversary. The removal requires a hand towel, an iron to melt the binding glue, and some patience, but the result is stunning. I'll see if I an find the specific instructions and link them in the next day or two. 

So there you have it! Some bookish ideas for yourself or someone else you'll be gifting to this year! If you're more in the mind of ordering a book or a bookish item, you might want to take advantage of Barnes and Noble's 30% off coupon on Black Friday


  1. I love posts about bookish gifts. I especially love the travel print. I recently got an amazing journal that has the entire Wizard of Oz novel in teeny tiny print as lines on the page. Hard to describe but really cool.

    1. Me too! That travel print gets me every time. Love love love. That journal sounds amazing!

  2. Ooh - I love the idea of removing a cover and framing it! I'm doing a Gift Guide (of gifty things for book lovers) for the first time this year...with the help of a designer friend of mine. We'll see how it goes...

  3. I love that print and those bookmarks!

  4. Wow! What your husband made you - that is stunning! Also, such a clever idea! Coloring books do seem to be all the craze now, so that will certainly be appreciated.

  5. How impressive and crafty your husband is! I would have never thought of doing that, and it would be worth buying two of the books that I really really love (I would have to keep one on my shelf and have one to frame lol) and frame the cover.

  6. My daughter mentioned framing some book covers as a way to add some color to my new library. I was talking about wanting some bookish prints to put on the walls. I would love to get those instructions if you find them.

    Speaking of, that print you posted? I will be checking that one out and perhaps sending my husband the link. 'Tis the season and all...

  7. Ooooooh I didn't know about the Barnes & Noble coupon! I'm forever buying books for my nieces and nephews. If they don't turn out to be readers, it'll be through no fault of mine, believe you me!

  8. What good ideas. Gotta love creative book gifts!

  9. I love these options. So good!

  10. Thank you for sharing best gifts and I hope keep posting.

  11. Thank you for sharing best gift and I really enjoyed this post.


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