Wednesday, March 02, 2016

#Weirdathon Contenders are HERE!

Weird is my jam. When I'm being polite I say that literary fiction that embraces genre is my jam. When I'm being short-winded I say I like weird books. The odd, discomfiting. Challenge me, unseat me, freak me out. Bring whatcha got, books!

Looking through my shelves and my Goodreads lists, these are some of the books that first jumped out at me for Outlandish Lit's March #Weirdathon. Haven't heard of this freaking amazing event yet? Julianne describes it this way:
Read as many weird books as you can during March! You can set your goal low or high, it's completely self-directed. To help you along, there will be achievements to give you more giveaway entries. Every week there will be an optional link-up for your progress.
What counts as weird? Anything that's weird to you. Maybe that's aliens. But for others maybe it's bizarro fiction written in a created dialect starring a talking fruit.

Do you see this? ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock! Gawd, I love gamification. Without further ado, here's my #Weirdathon potentials pool. I should probably also mention....all #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks contenders!

  • Angelology by Danielle Trussoni because angels are something I don't usually read about.
  • The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell because I don't think it gets weirder than David Mitchell.
  • Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link because these stories are wonderfully weird (I've read two).
  • Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson because high fantasy is something I don't read very often.
  • Hell House by Richard Matheson because I loved the weirdness of I Am Legend.
  • Dietland by Sarai Walker because Dietland?
  • Sad Robot Stories by Mason Johnson because the publisher's tagline is "Daring Writers. Exquisite Books."
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins because "Gone Girl" comparisons don't always flip my switch. 
  • The Death of Bees by Lisa O'Donnell because I need to know what comes after that first line.
  • Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting because I'm giving this whacked-out shit another chance. 
  • A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean because romance is outside my wheelhouse.
  • The Thing About Great White Sharks by Rebecca Adams Wright because short stories with a crazy cover.

Dedication #1: Dead Stock by Michael Coast, Bill Jemas, Mike Soviero, et al because the cover is GROSS CRAZY.
The Fade Out Volume 1 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips because noir is usually not my jam.
Pressure/Sensitivity Volume 1: An Awesome Comics Anthology by various creators because anthology and the chances for weirdness skyrocket.

What are youuuuuu looking forward to during #Weirdathon? 


  1. Fun list! I LOOOOVED The Bone Clocks last year!

    1. I hope I love it! It feels like a good place to start with his work.

  2. Dietland!! Excellent but definitely weird.

  3. I picked up a copy of Watchmen on the weekend, so I'm going to try and squeeze that in for the Weirdathon. And The Vegetarian. I hope you like The Bone Clocks!

    1. The Vegetarian is definitely weird! And Watchment, oddly, is one of the only graphic novels I've never been able to finish.

  4. Looks like a great list. It's funny how what's weird to some isn't necessarily weird to others. Have fun!

    1. And it's a stretch for me to really label some of these "weird". More "a little outside my wheelhouse." I was really working hard to keep these in the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks category.

  5. Loving the list! I liked Rogue by McLean and Girl on the Train. I just finished The Vegetarian ... weird and I can't say I liked it.

  6. I'm working on my weird list, right now, and trying to keep the weirdness within the damn books on my shelf. Looks like after asking for suggestions I already have plenty on my damn shelf. Also finding it's fun to throw "damn" in as a modifier frequently.

  7. Kelly Link stories can definitely get weird! Have a fun month! I would have joined it but am a bit busy with my own event. :)

  8. Hoo boy, I'm anxious to hear your thoughts about quite a few of these. Both because I've read them and want to see how your feelings match - or don't - with mine, and because a few are on my "might check this out" list. Thanks for doing the heavy work. Get weird, girl!

  9. I liked Bone Clocks more than Cloud Atlas, so good choice!! Good choices all around!

  10. Yay, The Fade Out! I can't wait to read Volume 3!!

  11. Oh I hope you like the Sarah MacLean book! She's one of my favorite romance authors -- very fun.


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