Wednesday, June 01, 2016

#FitReaders May 22-28: DRINK THE WATER

Last week was a hoot with some distinctive highs and lows. I started off strong with 20,000 steps per day on Sunday and Monday. I'm not sure what that was all about. I was just in the mood to walk! When I was at 16,000 fairly early in the day, I figured why not go on to 20,000? In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a big leap. 

The rest of the week was fairly even keel until Friday. It wasn't a bad day by any stretch, but it set me up for a shift in my weekend. I spent the day with a friend who had her first chemo treatment, and while my food choices weren't too far off, I did not drink anywhere close to the amount of water I usually do. 

I've made it my business to drink between 100 and 120oz of water per day for the last several weeks (based on weight, amount of exercise, etc.) and this level of water intake has done me good. I think I only drank something like 40oz of water (plus two Diet Cokes...those don't count) on Friday, and I could barely get out of bed on Saturday. I was emotionally tired and due a rest day, but I was unusually sluggish, and all I can figure is that getting behind on water sure didn't help. Unfortunately, I'm a lazy bonehead and didn't do much better with my water on Saturday, so it took me a few days to feel right again. 

Remind me NEVER to get that far behind on my water again. Never ever.

  • Sunday 20,719  
  • Monday 20,202  
  • Tuesday 14,160  
  • Wednesday 14,250  
  • Thursday 12,201  
  • Friday 13,819  
  • Saturday 1,766 (rest day)
Active Minutes  
  • Sunday 71  
  • Monday 87  
  • Tuesday 60  
  • Wednesday 85  
  • Thursday 41  
  • Friday 126
  • Saturday 0 (rest day)


  1. I am the worst when it comes to drinking water. And I even carry a bottle with me wherever I go - I've had the same bottle for ages! Ugh! Since I just started walking in the mornings, I'm trying to force myself to drink water now. Its not really working though - this morning I drank Gatorade instead :) My fingers are crossed that I will start and stick with this habit of drinking water though. Sounds like you are doing great when it comes to drinking it - 120oz a day!! Wow!! That is awesome and so healthy - keep it up! You are kicking ass with your steps :)

  2. Oh my gosh - water is the key to everything. I get headaches, feel dizzy, and tired when I don't drink enough. And after sweaty workouts, you need electrolytes too, not just plain water. I've been neglecting the electrolytes lately and need to get back into them now that it's warming up outside! Congrats on your 20K step days - that's awesome!

  3. You still had a great week! I wonder if you were a little dehydrated?

  4. Girrrrrl, drink yo water!

  5. How many glasses of water is that? I drink more water naturally than anyone else I've ever met (waiters at restaurants make fun of meeeee which is super legit because I drink SO MUCH WATER), but 120 oz sounds like a ton! Yay for you!

  6. You're doing great, Andi!!! Yes, the water is even more important this time of year; we have to make sure we are plenty hydrated for those humid, hot, nasty outdoor running/walking activities.

  7. Skipping the water is dangerous when you're running. Definitely make sure you get plenty. I'm amazed at how quickly you've built up your endurance! Be careful!!!

  8. I'm hitting close to 10000 steps just on the average working day, so you're 20k steps daily is AMAZING! I can't wait to reach that target. Love my Fitbit. Had it for a couple of weeks and it's definitely a motivator for those of us at Work who use them. Keep it up Andi!


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