Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day in the Life: A Year After Quitting My Full-Time Job

Best friends.
6:30 am - Alarm goes off. Hubs, followed closely by Daisy the dog, goes and pulls the boy out of bed and brings him, hanging by his feet (at his constant request), into the living room to wake up. The dressing saga begins.

7:00 - Breakfast is beginning for the Greyson. Usually it's cereal, pancakes, cinnamon toast, fruit, or a breakfast burrito. We've added 2mL of ADHD medication to our morning routine.

7:40 - The boy is out the door to school. I'm ready to shower and go to class or sit down at my work-at-home desk in our master bedroom.

9:00 - MWF: I've commuted 30 minutes, and I'm in my first class with a giant cup of coffee.

TTh: I've had time to drink a cup, grab some breakfast, make a quick pass through my work email accounts to see that nothing is on fire, post announcements for my online classes, decide what I'm going to call my Representatives about, and cruise through Evernote and my planner to make sure I'm not missing anything major; time to work on a prioritized list of daily tasks.

Typical MWF morning.
11:30 - MWF: I'm home from my on-ground classes, ready to jump into the next thing.

TTh: I've done most of the highest priority teaching tasks. This is usually grading, prepping for the next week, or filming a video or screencast for my online classes.

Noon to 1'ish: Lunch and a break to play SIMS 4 or watch The Office with David while he's also on his work-at-home lunch break.

Afternoons are "as-needed." I always work on something. Since Readathon is coming up, I've been sending out emails, working on scheduling, or doing the tedious Wordpress stuff like making post templates or laying out mini-challenges.

When Readathon is not in session, this is usually sticker time: design, print, cut, pack, ship.

3:00: Wednesdays: Off to work. I commute 45 minutes to teach a night class from 6-10pm.

3:30: MTThF: Time to pick up the boy!

Sticker cutting aftermath.
4:30: Homework is done: one or two worksheets, spelling word practice, a "baggie book" sent home to practice toward his reading level. Since we started the ADHD meds, his reading level has jumped four levels. After homework, he's usually out the door to play with friends, or here lately, he gets some time on his new Nintendo 2DS. I usually finish up stickers or other online tasks while he's out playing and David is wrapping up his work day.

6:30: Dinner! David and I shoot for having this ready at 6, but you know how that goes. We've been doing fairly well at meal planning lately, so that helps.

8:00: Time for the boy to hit the sack. Tooth brushing is no more pleasant or less dramatic at night than it is in the morning. Bedtime book, prayers, and snooze.

10:00: I'm usually ready for bed by now, or a little earlier. We are definitely not night owls. Lately, I'll watch a SIMS 4 or planner video as I'm drifting off to sleep since it doesn't seem to affect my sleep cycle. The water I drink before bed usually does that (re: interrupting).


  1. I loved reading about your day, Andi, and so remember those (frantic?) mornings (and evenings) with a school age child. Thank goodness the ADHD mess are working! My son never did find a good medication, and now at 26 he just gets through life with me sending subtle reminders. Probably not very effective. But, he did learn to read and loves it almost as much as we do! Happy days to you and your dear family.

    1. p.s. I have a Midori Traveler's Nitebook I cannot live without! Aren't those notebooks/planners great?!

  2. I'm glad you are still writing. :)

  3. Y'all sure do stay busy! I'm at the age where I go to bed early and get up early and don't sleep a whole lot in between.

  4. I love these kind of posts! You lead a very busy, active life so it's no wonder you're ready for bed by 10. We get up at 5:45 and are ready to call it a day by 9. Cute picture of the boy. Glad the meds are helping and that he's enjoying reading. I was going to say enjoy your spring, but I'll bet it's hot by now.

  5. Very cool! I am impressed at how focused you are. I can't say that I would be as disciplined as you should the day come where I quit my job.

  6. Whoa, you've got a busy day/week. I noticed you don't have running anywhere on your schedule, though. Are you not running anymore?

  7. I'll be unemployed again soon. I want to stay focused on my online biz so I really need that kind of discipline. We'll see how that goes!

  8. Yea for the meds helping with the reading level! The meds are always a tricky choice, given the side effects, but the payoff is so big, including a surge in self worth.


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