Monday, October 09, 2017

#RIPXII Peril of the Group Read: SLADE HOUSE by David Mitchell

Thank you for joining us! We'd love to know what you thought of SLADE HOUSE. These questions are just a jumping-off point if you're interested in sharing your answers. Link up down below!
1. Slade House is broken up into five parts and is narrated by five characters. Which one did you like best and why? 
2. In my opinion, this is not a traditional"scary" book. Each new guest in the house reveals more about Slade House and the Grayer twins. Did you find any of it unsettling? 
3. This quote, discuss: “Grief is an amputation, but hope is incurable hemophilia: you bleed and bleed and bleed.” 
4. Norah and Jonah...sympathetic or nah? 
5. We didn't learn much about what Norah and Jonah do between each nine–year cycle, but we do know that they have a lot of freedom and many resources at their disposal. What would you do with a gifted existence like this one?
6. The ending. What did you think?


  1. I wish I'd had time to join along with you on this one - especially since it's only been a couple of bucks for my Nook lately!

  2. Thank you for asking. I think that your blog is the best one. Try the to write the best posts ever. Thank you in advance!

  3. I caught up and finished Slade House in record time! A wonderful atmospheric read. I loved the progression and links between the characters. Loved it. Much fun. And I had forgotten enough about Bone Clocks that it all seeped back into my memory as the stories unfolded! I love this event so I am pleased it is back again this year! I am working on my sign up post now and I have my first book already lined up I wouldn’t think so! But there doesn’t seem to be a central link-up spot, and I haven’t seen any other posts yet. I’m hoping to have a chance to look on Twitter later on. Are you reading it? Thank you for sharing your article about #RIPXII PERIL OF THE GROUP READ: SLADE HOUSE BY DAVID MITCHELL. If you interested to know more information please visit

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