Tuesday, December 05, 2017


I know, I know. It's December, and there are already bloggy events going on (see #AMonthofFaves), and holidays, and whatnot. BUT, personally, I have a two-week break from work coming up, my kiddo is usually at his dad's for several days around the holidays, and I plan to READ, READ, READ.

In fact, I decided to make an event: #DecemberBookBinge because I will be book bingeing FOR SURE. It's not so much about the numbers as it is about feeling like reading, having the time, and using that time wisely.

Want to join the binge? I hope you will. Set a goal, maybe even an arbitrary one, and enjoy your reading. No pressure, just community reading fun.

My personal goal is 10 books in December, but if I don't make that, I don't give a fig (see more about figs below). I'll still enjoy the books I do read.

I think this will also be a nice companiion to Amanda's (FigandThistleBooks) #cozyfig Instagram event which is super brilliant and laid back. You can also learn more about Amanda's challenge on her BookTube channel

If you want to sign up, go for it! Or just hashtag #DecemberBookBinge wherever you're buzzing about books. 


  1. Ooh, have fun reading! All the books I want to read this month are currently tied up in hold lists at the library, so I doubt I'll be able to binge with you though, haha

  2. YES to all the books in December! I have a TON on my list to read before the end of the year...now, if I could just stay home and still get paid. Hmm...

  3. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time this month curled up with my books. I'm almost finished with my Christmas cards and I've got all the presents wrapped and shipped. I plan to do some baking (which I haven't had time for in the past thanks to working at B&N and the crazy holiday season) and work on puzzles, but reading for several hours a day is going to happen! The reviews/posts can wait until 2018. ;)


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