Friday, June 29, 2018

What's In That Bible Exactly? Wrapping Up the Gospel of Matthew

Two months, 52 Bible pages transcribed, 260 journal pages written (Scripture + notes, commentaries, application, thought, questions), nearly two whole journals filled, three and a half pens used.

This is what it took to write The Gospel of Matthew, which is tied for the longest book of the New Testament, chapters-wise with Acts, at 28 chapters. Actual word count has Luke coming out on top, so I have no idea how many notebooks it will take the finish that one. I'll get there in time.

Throughout this experience of copying down and studying the first Gospel, I realized how much more I learn from slowing down, reading closely, sometimes multiple times through, and taking the time to delve into some commentary, and in some cases write notes on a verse or chapter's application in my life. No shit, right? I already knew this was a thing because I survived college and graduate school, but it did bring me closer to an understanding that I never would've felt by simply reading the words. No matter how many times through, I (personally, me) had to write them, spend an exorbitant amount of time with them, and read what others have said about them, eke out the history, search for the context.

This has been a phenomenally enriching experience and a humbling one as well. I can honestly say it's humanized Jesus for me in a way that I haven't felt since I was nine years old. As I was writing the final chapters, specifically Jesus's passion and crucifixion, my hands were shaking. I could see far too much familiarity in the angry, cruel, abusive crowds calling for His execution, turning on Him, spitting, berating, beating, crucifying.

It's also shined a light on how extremely perverted man can communicate the Word. Twisting it and turning it into a gatekeeper to keep people out rather than inviting them in.

I call bullshit.

Jesus is love. God is love. Period.


  1. Love this! I started to write out Isaiah, but haven't done anything on it forever. Hopefully I will get back to it soon!!

  2. Yes! I'm starting today. I keep putting it off, and I'm ready to start and go back to the roots of what I know about God!

    1. Wooohooo! Can't wait to hear about it!


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