Action Journal

February 2018:


  • Postcards to Voters batch out
  • Postcards to Voters batch in - Tried, but they're currently between campaigns
  • Text shift sign-up for the week

  • Ordered yard sign for a Texas election


  • Postcards to Voters batch in 

January 2018:


  • Postcards to Voters batch
  • Text shift


  • Quick turnaround batch of Postcards to Voters
  • Text shift


  • Two batches of Postcards to Voters

**So many postcards in this time I didn't update**

  • PtV batch in the mail
  • Text shift


  • New PtV batch
  • New batch of Postcards to Voters addresses
  • Calls/postcards to represenatives about CHIP renewal


  • Text follow-ups from day before


  • Text shift


  • Calls and postcards (and FAXES!) to my senators about Trump's decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 200,000 Salvadorans. 
  • Signed up for this week's text shifts.


  • Another batch of Postcards to Voters into the mailbox
  • Signed marijuana prohibition petition from Beto O'Rourke
  • Signed up for this week's text shifts. Have to do some finagling since work is kicking back in after the break


  • Follow up to texts that came in overnight


  • Text shift
  • New PtV addresses


  • Text shift
  • Postcards to Voters batch


  • Text shift
  • Half of Postcards to Voters batch
  • Town Hall w/Beto O'Rourke at 3pm

  • Shared Daily Action on Facebook in case anyone else needs an engagement tool

  • Mailed second installment of Postcards to Voters

December 2017:


  • Finished writing/mailing first 10 Postcards to Voters
  • Addressed second 10 Postcards to Voters



  • I haven't been as up in the news as I usually am because of the holidays, so I'll most likely do whatever Daily Action suggests for me today. Easy peasy. Addendum: today's Daily Action was a petition to ask Congress to enact the Congressional Review Act to protect net neutrality. I called Ted Cruz, but John Cornyn's voicemail was full (nothing new), so I faxed him and my House Rep using FaxZero (Senate, House) because I just on't feel like talking to my Rep's office today. 
  • Postcards to Representatives about Congressional Review Act/net neutrality
  • $5 donation to my candidate's 2018 Senate campaign. One of my text volunteer sisters contacted me yesterday about a possible donation. It's always fun to text back, HEY! I'm a volunteer, too! I'm just glad I remembered to go back and follow through. It was a super small amount, but it's what I can do at this moment, post-holiday, and every cent counts. 


  • Text shift

12/22/17 - 

  • Text shift
  • Resistbot message to reps about CHIP and DACA


  • Data entry shift
12/19/17 - 
  • First day of Beto for Texas text volunteering shift (ended up sending 750 emails!)
  • Data entry shift
  • Quick call to Representative about tax bill


  • Beto for Texas data entry shift

12/13/17 - 
  • Relayed a targeted Tweet and Facebook message via Texas Dems volunteer email program
  • Set up a recurring $5 monthly donation for Beto O'Rourke who will challenge Ted Cruz for a Texas Senate seat in 2018.  
  • Signed up to join O'Rourke's campaign in the following capacities: social media, calls, text messages, knocking on doors, etc. 
  • The Beto for Texas team already got back to me, so I've filled out specific forms to be on the texting and data entry teams. I'm also considering hosting a canvass, but I want to get in touch with my local Texas Democrats and Indivisible chapters to see if anyone expresses interest in joining since this plays on one of my biggest anxieties. 
  • Signed up to volunteer for my Texas Senate challenger, Kendall Scudder
  • Call/postcard asking my Congressman to support a bipartisan DREAM Act
  • Did my first hour of data entry for Beto for Texas

12/12/17 -

  • Round of Net Neutrality calling via daily calling feature.
  • Emailed congress via feature. 
  • Postcard in response to my Congressman's lame net neutrality stance emailed to me yesterday.
  • Reached out to my local Indivisible chapter and asked residents of my district to make net neutrality calls. 
12/11/17 - 
12/10/17 - 
  • RESISTBOT faxes and one mailed piece to my Congressional reps. Text RESIST to 50409. So easy. 

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