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Welcome to Estella's Revenge! This is my blog. It was born in 2005, and it wasn't always about books. In the early days it was about my irritations with graduate school and life in general, and there were many curse words. After I started my master's degree I started writing about books, reading, and the literary life. I've kept that up ever since.

When it comes to books, I continually find myself in a position to advocate for freedom in blogging. There's a tendency for drama to pop up in the book blogging community about ARCs, the blogger/publisher relationship, and general issues of how we SHOULD blog. I say blog however you like. Read whatever you want, whenever you want. I am not a fan of the publishing industry's penchant for exerting influence upon bloggers. This seems to have improved to some degree with pitches becoming softer and more personal. I abandoned my review policy and the majority of blog tours and ARCs for a while. While I am accepting SOME of those now, I tend to pursue the books I really want rather than accepting pitched books. I like reading without limits or deadlines. Case closed. So if a book -- even a review book -- doesn't work for me, I will post a negative review or no review at all. Free range reading!

Launching soon is a great comics site called Panels. We're powered by the folks behind Book Riot, and I guarantee you don't want to miss out. Sign up to receive info about the upcoming launch or follow on Twitter @HeyPanels or Facebook.

I've recently started blogging for my local NPR affiliate radio station, KETR.org! I post about books and the literary life roughly once per week. I also have some additional writing plans in the hopper, so I'll keep you posted as those come along.

I've recently married my long-time friend and love of my life, David. I'm also mom to a 4-year-old named Greyson! You'll find that I often insert personal posts on this blog including topics like my own weight loss journey, cooking, "real food", homemaking, decorating, all things Pinterest, and all sorts of other domestically-oriented topics. And fashion. I have an unhealthy obsession with cocktail rings.

I'm currently the Director of Public Relations for a Texas university. I'm also a professor of English (composition and literature) teaching online. I've been at home in higher education for 10 years and there's nowhere else I'd rather be!

Reading has always been my passion. I read *almost* anything. I favor fiction (literary, contemporary, classic), non-fiction (foodie, travel, memoir, and offbeat) and graphic novels. I am an e-book addict.

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